Thirteen/WNET, New York City

"Joe  Stillman and his able assistants have worked miracles on tight  schedules and complicated shoots.  They are remarkably inventive and  efficient giving marvelous results on limited budgets.  The work of La  Paloma Films was critical in winning us a national Emmy for the  "Innovation"  open title sequence."

Mara Posner, Executive Producer

Pen & Inc., Newtown, CT

"Joe  Stillman's knowledge and broad experience have been widely acknowledged  in the film industry.  From complex commercial production to overseas  feature films and television,  Joe's creative enthusiasm and attention  to detail has lead to a host of successful projects."

Brian Williams, Producer

Binghamton Philharmonic, Binghamton, New York

"It  was a pleasure working with you through the whole process.  Your  creativity, energy, good humor, and professionalism were inspiring to  all of us on a very long day of shooting.  The fact that you were able  to maintain your vision of the final work through so many different  scenes was amazing to us."

Stephen Raube-Wilson, Executive Director


The Downtown Alliance, Salt Lake City

"The  work that Joseph Stillman and La Paloma Films did for our New Years  Festival was superior in every way.  He was able to condense on video  the excitement and energy of a large and complicated festival in an  interesting and innovative way.  It helped us with sponsorship  solicitations, grants and our advertising campaign." 

 Robert Farrington,  Jr., Executive Director 


Warford and Company, Kansas City, MO

"Mr. Stillman's work with my company allowed us to create some of the best work we ever did.  The "Buy American" commercials for 

Wal-Mart were award-winning campaigns."

Tom Warford, Director


Hartwick College, Oneonta, New York

"Your  production and direction of "Hartwick College Remembers 9/11" resulted  in a beautiful film, a work that became a meaningful and substantive  contribution to our recognition of this important day.  Thank you for  taking this duty seriously and for giving yourself so fully to this  effort." 

Dr. Margaret Drogovich- President, Hartwick College